David Cottrell has an uncommon talent for making complex issues simple and for anchoring business concepts to concrete subjects people are familiar with and can easily relate to. His lessons are grounded in the real world and reinforced with compelling examples, humorous stories and creative exercises. David is committed to giving participants solid solutions and practical strategies they can and will use to succeed back on the job – not just the next day, but the next month and the next year, too.

David offers six topics. Click here to download full topic descriptions. The three most popular topics are:

Leadership Development

Monday Morning Leadership
Ten Principles to Becoming
a Great Leader

Monday Morning Mentoring Workshop
"Today's leaders must be partners with their people...
they no longer can lead solely based on positional power."

What would be the impact on your organization and your business if every one of your leaders spent dedicated time with a mentor? Now they can. In this program based on his best-selling books, Monday Morning Mentoring and Monday Morning Leadership, David delivers 10 key success principles that equip leaders to confront and overcome their daily “people” challenges.

Veteran and novice leaders alike will:

  • Accept responsibility and maintain focus in order to positively influence the organization.
  • Discover the need to escape from "management land" to get in touch with and motivate their teams.
  • Learn how to "hire tough" and retain your good employees.
  • Expand their learning zones to make continuous improvement a priority.
  • Reinforce that integrity is the most important leadership possession.
  • Gain workable strategies to improve communications and get the results needed.

Personal Development

Reigniting Success in your Organization
Eight Simple Truths to Boost Your Career and Life

Monday Morning Choices Workshop
“Don't be so busy making a living that you forget how to live. Work hard to be successful, but enjoy the journey."

What is the key to success in business today? There isn’t one. Long-term success is not the result of one defining change or doing one thing well. It comes from embracing several small, simple yet powerful truths. During this presentation, David shares real life stories of people and organizations who have identified and implemented these simple philosophies which led to their success.

Participants gain common sense principles and ideas that you can be implemented immediately:

  • No Matter What ... accept responsibility and move forward.
  • And Then Some ... give more than is expected.
  • Consider it Done ... do what you say you will do.
  • Above All Else ... hold fast to your values.
  • From Now On ... learn from mistakes and welcome change.
  • See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It ... set, envision, share and take action on your goals.
  • Focus Inside Your Boat ... invest your time in things you can control.
  • Knowledge is Power ... read, listen, observe and learn.

Based on David Cottrell’s book Tuesday Morning Coaching, this presentation teaches simple but powerful truths that will help you and your organization unleash your potential.

Leadership Development

How Leaders Achieve Magical Results
Six questions all great leaders can answer about their team

The Magic Question
“Teamwork is connected independence."

If you depend on the results of others, this program is for you. What does it take to be the best leader? In its simplest form, leadership comes down to meeting the basic needs of your team. In this program you will discover how to answer six key questions that are important to every employee and team:

  • What is REALLY important?
  • How am I doing?
  • How is our team doing?
  • Do you care?
  • What difference do we make?
  • Are you worth following?

Clearly and consistently answering these six questions means you are the kind of leader people want to follow. Implementing the concepts and ideas l earned means your team morale will improve, job satisfaction will increase and turnover will decrease. Youąll be able to create an atmosphere where employees willingly give discretionary effort and achieve better results ­ faster than ever before! This program is based on David Cottrell’s book, The Magic Question: A simple question every leader dreams of answering.

During this session, leaders discover how to get their team to ask “How can I help?" by understanding how to:

  1. Communicate what is important with clarity, consistency and simplicity to your team.
  2. Coach, hold accountable and recognize individual team members.
  3. Energize your team by listening and letting them know the goals.
  4. Gain loyalty and trust.
  5. Create a team of passionate promoters of your organization.
  6. Be worth following.